Top Free VST Instruments and Effects


Top Freeware VST Synthesizer Plugins

  • Dune Trimmed (Magware)
  • u-he Tyrell N6
  • Sonigen Modular
  • Model E (Steinberg)
  • Ichiro Toda Synth1
  • TAL Noisemaker


Top Freeware Compressor Plugins 

  • TDR Kotelnikov (Tokyo Dawn Labs)
  • MCompressor (Melda)
  • ReaComp*
  • Molot (Vladg)
  • AC1 (Audiocation)
  • ReaXcomp* (Multiband)

Top freeware Equalizer Plugins

  • TDR NOVA (Dynamic EQ) (Tokyo Dawn Labs)
  • TDR SlickEQ (Tokyo Dawn Labs)
  • ReaEQ (Reaper)*
  • MEqualizer (Melda)
  • Ochre (Acustica Audio)
  • Luftikus


Top freeware Limiters Plugins

  • Limiter no 6 (vladg)
  • Limited-Z ( LVC audio)
  • MLimiter (Melda)
  • LoudMax



More Categories and Plugins coming soon......

*Reaper plugins can be downloaded seperately for free to use with any VST supporting DAW

Melda freeware plugin pack is enough to deal with most part of audio production,
most notable is it's mid side processing capabilities
TDR plugins also features m/s processing

Provides training in..

~ Digital Audio Workstations
~ Virtual Instruments (VSTi)
~ Sound Designing
~ MIDI Programming
~ Composing / Arranging
~ Mixing and Mastering

Piano / Keyboard
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