Frequently Asked Questions


What is BlueINFOS ?

BlueINFOS is not an Institute or a Company, It's short for Blue Information Networks, a website network giving information on different subjects, all created by Adarsh

How many people are there in BlueINFOS ?

Just one person,Adarsh, a freelance web developer and a music teacher

Do I need prior music knowledge to learn Production course ?

No, you will get a crash course in piano and music theory for production course, including composing techniques

What are the requirements for Production couse ?

1) At the minimum level, a PC/Laptop with 512 MB RAM if you are running old Windows XP and atleast 1 or 2GB RAM for Windows 7 and upwards, Recommended is a Dual Core PC, with atleast 2GB RAM
2) USB MIDI keyboard/controller, it's optional as you can enter notes directly to the DAW with mouse or by playing a virtual keyboard
3) other optional, not necessary components are, AudioInterface/Soundcard (if you are into vocal related stuffs, it will provide less noise and more clarity and also phantom power if you are using condenser mic) else your onboard sound will do, MIDI controller with knobs and sliders are also optional but comes handy for quick works
Studio Monitors (Studio Speakers) again optional, a good 2.1 speaker setup will do if you are on low budget, decent headphones will also work. and a decent Dynamic or Condenser Mic (condenser mic need 48Volt phantom power), if you are only doing music with no vocal then buying microphone is also optional

in case if your system is very very old, then you should try investing on a entry level PC/Laptop, if any doubts on this matter, please call

Rough estimates of Entry level items

PC : Dual core, 4GB 18 inch monitor, 22,000 INR same config for 21 inch HD monitor 25,000 INR or Basic Laptop
Optional Stuffs:
Audio Interface : 7,000 - 8,000 INR
MIDI Keyboard/Controller : 7,000 - 9,000 INR
Headphones : 800 - 3,000 INR
Studio Monitor : 8,000 - 11,000 INR
Room Acoustic Treatment ( price depends on how far you want to take it )

Classes ?

Adarsh gives in-home tutoring for music production and composing classes, but only places easily accessible from Kadavanthra (Thevara,Panampilly Nagar, GiriNagar, Chilavannoor including Kadavanthra area), because you know the traffic and the condition of roads to reach other places :), otherwise you'll have to visit Adarsh's home (1.5 Km from Kadavanthra Junction via KP Vallon Road) (btw, I don't have a home studio setup )

Will you do orchestration works for my tune/vocal ?

No, though I can teach you the methods in Reaper if you are intrested

Will there be any certificates issued after the course ?


What's the fee and duration of the Music classes ?

Fee is very less compared to other studio style places, please contact for details.

Basic Electronic Music Production is for 6 weeks ( 2 class per week of 2 hr each ) Total 12 Classes
Advanced Electronic Music Production will run for 10-12 Weeks
(12 Class of Basic Course + 10 Classes of Advanced Materials + 2 Extra Classes for doubt clearing extra advices )
(Advanced course will be only provided as a continuation to the Basic course)
1 Class = 2 hours

Music Composing Classes are different than Music Production classes, as it mainly focus on teaching Piano and Music Theory, a fixed time schedule cannot be provided, it depends on the selected modules, but say, upto 14-16 Classes for a basic package of Piano and Digital Audio Workstaion combo

For those who are far from Kochi/Ernakulam, classes can be provided in continuous slots/days/4hour class a day depending on time availability

Becoming a music composer

Learning Piano/Keyboard along with Music theory, depends on how deep you want to go and how much time you can invest for practicing, let's say 6 months to 1 year for getting to know around music and the instrument, to develop co-ordination, to start develop play by ear, sheet music reading etc ..and 3 years to really come in terms with everything, it all depends on how much time you can practice, concert Pianists dedicate like 4-8 hrs each day, every week and like for 5-10 years ..

So can I make music quickly ?

Yes, ofcourse :) actually you will be able to make music from just few classes, but like I said proper stuffs takes time and lot's of practice .

okay I know you have lot's of doubts why don't you give a call to know more, thanks :)
Contact details are given below


Provides training in..

~ Digital Audio Workstations
~ Virtual Instruments (VSTi)
~ Sound Designing
~ MIDI Programming
~ Composing / Arranging
~ Mixing and Mastering

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