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What is a Virtual Instrument (VSTi) ?

Top Freeware VST Instruments and Effect Plugins List 2016-2017

Below are couple of VST plugins I created with Synthmaker , which I use for teaching purpose..

BlueSpace Synthesizer (BlueSynth) ver.4.0 (Free)

Download BlueSpace Synthesizer VST Instrument

BlueSpace Synthesizer Free VST Instrument - BlueSynth

3 Oscillators, 3rd one being a drawable wave oscillator
All common wave shapes ( Sine, Saw, Square, Triangle and Noise )
Level controls for each oscillators
2 fast sine wave LFO's (A & B)
1 wave select LFO (slowspeed)
Advanced routing capability to control each oscillator's pitch and volume
Delay effect unit
Oscilloscope to view the waveform

Test Track made completely with sounds from BlueSynth

BlueSpace Effects Unit ver.1.1 (Free)

Download BlueSpace Effects Unit - VST Effects

BlueSpace Effects Unit Free VST

An effects chain unit, can switch on/off individual effects, DAW automation support

Test track - a simple drum loop getting BlueSpace effects unit treatment

Provides training in..

~ Digital Audio Workstations
~ Virtual Instruments (VSTi)
~ Sound Designing
~ MIDI Programming
~ Composing / Arranging
~ Mixing and Mastering

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