Music Composing Course - Piano / Keyboard / Softwares / Virtual Instruments / Recording


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Piano only classes are available within 3 KM area of kadavanthra as home classes

*Music composing classes are not provided as home classes

Music Composing Course is kinda reverse of Music Production course, here you'll learn more music theories and proper piano/keyboard than the shortened version given in Music Production classes and focuses mainly on composing Classical style music rather than Electronic Dance Music, all the Software stuffs ( Music Production ) is taught as separate modules and one can choose any modules according to their choice.

In Music Composing Classes :

you'll learn (in parallel)

Piano Playing Techniques
Intervals/Scales/Mods/Chords/Arpeggios Rhythm
Musical Notations / Sight Reading
Composing Original Songs
Softwares / Virtual Instruments (Reaper DAW)
Ear training methods

(Teaching will be based on Western Classical music system)

Music Production Modules to choose are as follows:

1) Effects (EQ, Compressor, Delay, Reverb, etc.)
2) Subtractive Synthesis / Sound Designing
3) Frequency Modulation / Additive / Modular / Wavetable - Synthesis
4) Mixing and Mastering (from Basics course)
5) Mixing and Mastering (from Advanced course)
6) Production Analysis and Methods
7) Another DAW ( Pro Tools First/Samplitude Pro-X Silver/FL Studio*/Reason*)
8) Reaper DAW Advanced
* Will be taught in fully working Trial versions (Limitation are no save/export)

The teaching method will be mainly focused to develop the ability to create original music ASAP

To make your learning interesting and faster, you will get introduced to few computer software's and mobile applications, this will give you freedom to learn more and practice whenever you have free time

Note: To receive complete class wise syllabus and fee structure, please send a SMS with a request along with your Email ID to below contact number or give a call.



Provides training in..

~ Digital Audio Workstations
~ Virtual Instruments (VSTi)
~ Sound Designing
~ MIDI Programming
~ Composing / Arranging
~ Mixing and Mastering

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