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Electronic Music Production Courses (Kochi, Kerala)

        Learn the art of creating original music, from learning to play a piano/keyboard to synthesizer programming, composing / recording via virtual instruments (VSTi's) with Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) techniques, get ready to produce different genres of music, from Classical to Dubstep, from House to Psychedelic Trance music etc.

Details of Music Production
piano keyboard classes kochi kerala music theory

Music Composing, Piano, Music Theory (Western)

        Music Composing classes, one on one training, dive into the world of music by learning to play one of the most versatile instrument (keyboard) along with the theories, music composing classes will equip you with sound knowledge on music composing techniques with the help of different softwares along with proper piano/keyboard playing techniques.

Details of Composing Classes

    Basic Course

    Perfect for those who want to be a Music Composer

4,000 INR
Piano / Music Composing Theory
4 classes of 1.5 hours or 8 classes of 45 mins each.
Music Production, DAW Basics
VST Instruments/Vocals
Recording/Editing, MIDI
Composing Music for Video
4 classes of 1.5 hours or 8 classes of 45 hour each

    Intermediate Course

    Perfect for those who want to be a Music Producer

8,000 INR
Piano / Music Composing Theory
2 classes of 1.5 hours each.
Music Production, Digital Audio Workstation
VST Instruments/Vocals
Drum Machines, Synthesizers, Samplers, Effects
Sound Designing/Subtractive Synthesis
Composing/MIDI Programming
Mixing and Mastering
10 Classes of 1.5 hours each

    Advanced Course

    Perfect for those who want to learn Every Aspects

16,000 INR
Intermediate ( 8K ) + Advanced course ( 8K )
Provided as a continuation to Intermediate Course
Around 18 (inter) + 12 (adv) hours
( 20 classes of 1.5 hours each )
More Music Theory / Physics of Sound
Creating Synthesizers / FM, Additive, Granular
Multiple DAW's, Surround Sound, Mid-Side
More Effects, Metering, Analysis, Extensive Mixing and Mastering Sessions

*Note: There won't be any certificates provided for these courses